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AM CSS and Strobe IT have been supporting each other’s customers for a while on an ad hoc basis whenever the need arose for support at a similar level. For example, geographical issues—not being able to be in two places at once, and availability issues—we all need a holiday from time to time. Also, they have drawn on each other’s knowledge, skills and product stacks to add value and breadth to the services and support provided.
So successful has this collaboration been that Howard and Mark of AM CSS and Robin of Strobe IT have decided the time has come to create a formal relationship that will provide an even better service to their customers. Some customers will have already experienced this where support tickets are being actioned by both organisations, as well as being allocated to their other engineers.

Combining the strengths of AM CSS and Strobe IT provides a wider and deeper penetration into support levels and specialisations, as well as extending resources and enhancing supply chains.

What Does This Mean For Existing Customers?

The bottom line is enhanced support, with a wider scope of services. General monitoring and maintenance will be provided as previously, although additional monitoring features will be introduced over time to increase visibility of the status and health of customers’ IT assets. Support requests and incidents will be handled by the enlarged team. Where possible, tickets will be assigned to the engineer most familiar with a particular customer’s IT systems. The preferred method of initial contact remains to be via the support ticketing system.

Tickets can be raised directly on the web by using but the old addresses below will still work.


Help desk emails can be sent to but the old addresses below will still work.


The AM CSS and Strobe IT versions will be phased out at some future point.

This AMS IT web site is still under development and additional content and features will be added over the next month.

Meet the Principals

Mark Neale

Job Title: Projects Director

Qualifications: BSc Computer Science

Mark has extensive experience in server implementations, Wide Area Networks, network routing and firewalls. Mark is also widely knowledgeable about Linux and Apple network and operating systems, telephony and VoIP systems. 

As well as a wealth of traditional support experience, Mark’s extensive knowledge of network infrastructure, VPNs, firewalls, mail systems and alternative technologies brings additional depth and breadth to any design, implementation or on-going maintenance solution. 

In what spare time he has, Mark enjoys cycling, juggling and playing the ukulele

Howard Champion

Job Title: Service Director

Qualifications: MCSE, CompTIA Security+

A Microsoft and small business specialist, Howard has many years’ experience designing and installing complete office networks and hardware and supporting the wide range of server services and end-user software that typically make up SME solutions. 

As a Microsoft qualified network architect and engineer, Howard is able to design robust lifecycle solutions of hardware and technology. He also holds the prestigious lifetime Security+ qualification from CompTIA (Computing Technology Industry Association) to help ensure such solutions are kept healthy in the face of cyber-crime and cyber-vandalism. In addition, he is a FAST (Federation Against Software Theft) accredited Software Manager and Auditor. 

In his spare time, Howard enjoys the countryside, natural history, literature and international cinema. 

Robin Toy

Job Title: Technical Director

Qualifications: BND Computer Science, MCP

Over the years Robin has built up experience with traditional server and desktop support; this combined with networking and telecommunications makes a good all-round engineer. 

Building up from single customer support environment with Exeter college which had hundreds of computers and servers spread across 7 and more sites to the current landscape of multiple SMB/SME’s spread across the South of the United Kingdom. Due to this background Robin has had exposure to a huge variety of different technologies. 

Outside the work Robin is a little bit of a workaholic, but when he does switch off he enjoys cycling, comics and films. 

Company History


17th October Ageis Computer Support Services Limited was formed by Mark. 

10th December Strobe IT was created by Robin.


Strobe IT won F-Secure Small Business reseller award.


1st May Strobe IT become a limited company called Strobe Technologies Ltd, and retained the name Strobe IT as a trading name.

15th May Mainstay Computing Limited was formed by Howard. 


17th October AM CSS Ltd (Ageis-Mainstay Computer Support Serviceswas formed by Mark and Howard. 


1st February Ageis and Mainstay merged into AM CSS Ltd


Strobe Technologies Ltd become a international partner and distributor for Comodo, this partnership not only has opened the doors for international clients but given the opportunity to work directly with the development teams and support to improve the products for end clients, something that SMB/SME’s normally do not get the chance to do. 


25th June Mark, Howard and Robin formed AMS IT Support Ltd.

1st November AM CSS and Strobe Technologies merged into AMS IT Support Ltd (Ageis Mainstay Strobe IT Support).

17 October 2008
10 December 2008
1 May 2012
15 May 2012
17 October 2013
25 June 2021

Formation of Ageis

Ageis Computer Support Services Limited was formed by Mark.

Creation of Strobe IT

Strobe IT partnership was created by Robin.

Formation of Strobe

Strobe IT partnership became a limited company called Strobe Technologies Ltd, and retained the name Strobe IT as a trading name.

Formation of Mainstay

Mainstay Computing Limited was formed by Howard.

Formation of AM CSS

17th October 2013 AM CSS Ltd (Ageis-Mainstay Computer Support Services) was formed by Mark and Howard.

1st February 2015 Ageis and Mainstay merged into AM CSS Ltd.

Formation of AMS

25th June Mark, Howard and Robin formed AMS IT Support Ltd.

1st November AM CSS and Strobe Technologies merged into AMS IT Support Ltd (Ageis Mainstay Strobe IT Support).